The world “administration” has derived from the Latin word ‘minister * which means’ service given to others for their wellness. The classical and medieval meanings of the earth. The administration was – perform, take charge or achieve’ the recent dictionary defines it as direction or management. The term ‘Educational Administration is very complete. It deals with the formulation, execution and evaluation of educational policies.

A school arises through the process of organization. Then comes your administration. Operation or operation of the school. It is the job of the head of the tire institution. ‘This does not mean that only the Chief and nobody else is responsible for the administration. In fact, Management is a job of many minds and many heads. Everything combined in one. The head of the institution is the leader who must do another follows it. Therefore, the educational administration is more or less a cooperative enterprise and in the language of the economy is a ‘Non-profit company’.

The programme has been developed to meet the ever increasing demand for trained manpower in administrative and management position in various educational systems and organizations. The programme has been designed to provide a comprehensive view of the theoretical as well as practical aspects of educational management and administration in the existing and emerging educational scenario. According to National Society for the Study of Education (NSSE) “Educational Administration is a social statesmanship which guides educational activities, plans, programmes mid facilities, and provides leadership in a long-term but broad social perspective.” Educational Administration has been defined by R. Mort as, “ the influencing of one group of human beings, the pupils, to grow towards defined objectives, utilizing a second group of human beings, the teachers, as queens; and operating in a setting of a third group of public, variously concerned both with objectives and with means used to achieve them.”

The programme has been devised considering the following objectives:

  1. To improve the individual performance as educational managers and leaders
  2. To enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of educational organizations
  3. To upgrade skills in such areas as interpersonal relationship, leadership and team building, strategic planning and decision-making, necessary for effective management.
  4. To provide an understanding of basic management concepts and their applications in an educational environment.

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