The Masters Programme of Tourism Travel Management is aimed at imparting knowledge and skills to managerial/semi-managerial jobs or entrepreneurs in the area of tourism. It is expected that acquaintance with the areas of tourism research and the dissertation work will enable the students to gain an insight into the tourism system. Further it would also provide the learners relevant experience and exposure to the field situations in this sector.

This course, thus, also focuses on practical or field-oriented situations and by researching on them you would be sharpening your skills in those areas. As a research work the preparation of dissertation is an opportunity to gain exposure to the working methods of the tourism industry and understanding tourism impacts. You are expected to put into practice all that you have learnt about that particular theme during your course work. It is a way of applying the knowledge gained through the courses to specific situations in Tourism.

It is a professional programme designed to cater to the needs of the tourism industry. It is useful for all those who are either employed or intend to make a career in tourism. All courses of this programme are of four (4) credits each and the dissertation is of eight (8) credits. The programme is of 68 credits.

You have this course – MTTM-16, as a compulsory dissertation component of the MTTM programme for learners. The importance of this component in the programme is evident from the 8 credit value attached to it.

The purpose of giving you Dissertation Work is to make you face real situations in your professional training in different areas of tourism. The Dissertation Work should, therefore, be selected by you in order that you can

1) Learn something about the variety and locations of tourism development situations;

2) Learn how to evaluate the potential of these situations;

3) Improve organizing and managerial skills, etc.

To equip with professional qualifications at the managerial level in tourism and travel industry.  For further education one can go for Ph.D. in Tourism related areas and jobs in education sector.

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