Internship provides learner with an opportunity to integrate theoretical knowledge, research, and clinical skills. The internship experience includes a minimum of 240 training hours in one year. Some of the places the learners could do their internship are given below:

1) Children’s Centre/NGO serving children and adolescents.

2) Agencies catering to population with severe emotional disturbances requiring psychiatric treatment.

3) Community mental health centers serving children, adolescents, adults, and geriatric populations, primarily from low economic category should be taken up. Client problems may include moderate to severe family and individual dysfunctions.

4) Institutions like, State hospital, that caters to patients from every age group, including forensic populations. Trainees may be involved in providing individual and group psychotherapy, behavioural treatment, assessment, and working with an interdisciplinary treatment team.

5) Trainees may also work in the counselling centres, where clients, range in age from late adolescence upto 80’s, suffering from problems such as adjustment disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, alcohol/drug problems, career decision making and learning disabilities. Trainees may participate in individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, outreach consultation, vocational testing and counseling, psychological assessment, and learning disability assessment.

6) Another institution for training is the correctional institution, wherein the inmates with problems ranging from adjustment issues to severe persistent mental disorders, to facing crises could be attended to by the learners during the training.

7) Children’s Home, Home for women, special homes for the handicapped, home for beggars, mental hospitals, nursing homes dealing with mentally ill persons, where assessment consultation and group and individual therapies are carried on.

The selection of agency can be done by the learner as well as the academic counselors/study centres. The training goal is to help learners acquire skills in counselling. The learners thus will learn and acquire skills and professional acumen under trained counsellors in the concerned setting. There will be one to one supervision and the learners will be closely supervised by the supervisor who will give them the feedback about their performance.
Note: 10 cases with case history and Psychological testing are to be handled by the learner in a year. Out of these 10 cases, for any 2 cases counselling needs to becarried out by the learner. A report in proper format (as given in Handbook on internship) has to be submitted by the learner to the Academic Counsellor. Assessment by academic counselor carries 30% weightage, assessment by agency supervisor carries 30% weightage and assessment by the external examiner (viva – voce) carries 40% weightage. Keep a photocopy of your Internship Report before submitting it at your Study Centre.

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