Each learner admitted to this programme will be attached to a Study Centre. At present, there are 197 IGNOU study centres located in different places of the country. Learners may opt for enrolment in the nearest IGNOU study centre. Every study centre is managed by a Coordinator. The learners are advised to be in regular contact with their respective IGNOU study centres and interact with the Coordinator as frequently as possible. The Master’s Degree Programme adopts a multimedia approach, viz. self-instructional print materials, audio-video programmes, assignments, counselling sessions and teleconferencing. The facilities provided at the IGNOU study centres, normally, include the following:

  1. Counselling sessions in different courses relating to M.A. (Psychology)
  2. Library facility with basic reading materials related to various aspects of the discipline
  3. Audio-Video programmes specially designed for M.A. (Psychology)
  4. Teleconferencing and Radio Counselling (at the Regional Centres)

Syllabus of MPC 003 Personality: Theories and Assessment

Block 1 Personality : Theories and Assessment

Unit 1 Definition and Concept of Personality and Personality Development

Unit 2 State/Trait Approaches to Personality

Unit 3 Assessment of Personality

Unit 4 Key Issues in Personality

Block 2 Theories of Personality I

Unit 1 Psychodynamic Theory (Including Horney and Sullivan)

Unit 2 Social Cognitive Theory of Personality (Bandura)

Unit 3 Learning Theory of Personality (Pavlov and Skinner)

Unit 4 Humanistic and Self Theory (Maslow, Rogers)

Block 3 Theories of Personality II

Unit 1 Allport

Unit 2 Cattell

Unit 3 Eysenck

Unit 4 The Big 5 Factor Model

Block 4 Assessment of Personality

Unit 1 Introduction to Assessment and Testing

Unit 2 Approaches to Personality Assessment (Self Report, Problems of Response in Projective and Behavioural Assessment)

Unit 3 Behavioural Assessment

Unit 4 Other Measures of Personality

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