According to lifespan development concept, the lifespan development is multidimensional, multidirectional, plastic, multidisciplinary and contextual. The human development domains consist of the physical domain, the cognitive domain and the social domain. The physical domain consists of the physical changes during growth, the cognitive domain refers to how humans learn and the social domain is in regard to the development of social skills and developing relationships. All disciplines such as sociology, psychology, medicine, biology, anthropology etc., are interested in the lifespan development and thus understanding of lifespan development requires viewing human development from various perspectives.

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In this book we are going to introduce you to the concept of lifespan development and discuss the emergence of the concept, some key features of lifespan development, the different stages in lifespan development, as well as the research methods to study lifespan development. This book first discusses the meaning and emergence of Lifespan development along with the Lifespan studies and their salient features followed by the stages in the lifespan. Finally the book deals with the research techniques that are employed for the study of lifespan development. In this way understanding the process of development and how it is related to skills, abilities and general behaviour will help the student to acquire knowledge about the development of humans at different stages and the very many problems one comes across etc.


  1. Explain Lifespan development;
  2. Identify the key features of Lifespan development;
  3. Explain how behaviour changes through life as a function of development and the interaction of bio – psychosocial factors overtime; and
  4. Analyse research methods used in measuring Lifespan development.

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