Assignments constitute a part of continuous evaluation. The submission of assignments is compulsory. The marks that you get in your assignments will be counted in your final result. Assignment of a course carries 30% weightage, while 70% weightage is given to the term-end examinations. You are required to score at least 40% marks in both continuous evaluation (assignments) as well as Term End Examination of each course separately. In the overall computation also you must get at least 40% marks in each course to claim the M.A. degree. The scores of continuous evaluation and Term End Examination are not complementary to each other for qualifying a course.

Therefore, you are advised to take your assignments seriously. You have to complete the assignments within the deadline specified in the assignments booklet or within one month of the date of receipt of assignments whichever is later. You will not be allowed to appear for the term-end examination for any course if you do not submit the specified number of assignments in time for that course. If you appear in term-end examination, without submitting the assignments the result of term-end examination would be liable to be cancelled.

The main purpose of assignment is to test your comprehension of the learning materials you receive from us and also to help you get through the courses. The evaluators/counsellors will send back the marked and corrected assignments with their comments. The comments will surely guide you in your study and help in improving your comprehension.

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